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Borstal Barkers dog training in Kent

                 07889 975823


Who am I.




My name is Ken Parr, BIPDT, and I have been  working   and training dogs for some 40 years in all. I am a full time dog trainer in many fields and can assist with your needs.  I can be contaced on 07889 975823 or e- mailed on  or leave a message on facebook at borstal barkers. Reviews from members can also be accessed on Touch


What about you.   


For Agility you will need to be fit and healthy, be able to run around  and match the pace of your dog, a great way for you both to get fit together. The agility is more designed on fun than competiton.


I will not train any way which does not conform to the  Kennel Club codes of practice.

I am Kennel club listed status and fully insured, documents available on request.


  The following dates are for planned courses in 2017. 

    These are planned dates which are subject to change.  Nothing earlier than below available.   

Classes planned for 2017 are as follows. 

Monday 20th March, 6.30pm start. 

Friday 12 May. 6.oopm start.  All classes prior to this are completely full with waiting lists. sorry, do get booked weeks in advance and spaces are limited. Class 3 March is full. 

Places must be booked, numbers in class are limited and places normally go at least 12 weeks before class starts. late applications cannot be guaranteed a place. Please do not attend on first night if you have not booked a place.


Training Club area.


The club runs out of the Borstal area and meet Monday evening & Friday luchtime and evening .  Puppy foundation and further courses start from 6pm and 6.30pm and last 1 hour. All members of the family may attend. The courses are designed to progress from 1 level to the next ending in the Gold award. All courses are run on the Kennel Club guidelines.  Lots more on Facebook page of borstal barkers including agility pictures.

Borstal club is run out of Cleave Warne Hall, Borstal St, Rochester, ME1 3HL.